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Valor & Discord
Mexican Americans and the Vietnam War

by Eddie Morin


Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Medal Recipients

Forty years after Among the Valiant was published, second-generation Purple Heart recipient and Vietnam veteran, Eddie Morin, chronicles the heroism demonstrated in combat by Mexican Americans. The social upheaval that clouded the purpose of supreme sacrifice is in the backgrounds of interviews with hundreds of these brave and valiant heroes.

All the passion that the reader experienced with Raul Morin’s Among the Valiant is re-lived with son Eddie Morin’s vivid accounts of the first-person experiences that these Vietnam War veterans shared. Valor & Discord serves as a catharsis for the veterans who returned with feelings of confusion and disenfranchisement. A must read for social historians.

                                  — Eugene Baca
Soft Cover
316 Pages
ISBN 0-977183-1-5


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