Among the Valiant
Mexican Americans in World War II and Korea

By Raul Morin
with introduction by
Lyndon B. Johnson

The first factual account
by an Mexican American,
a must-read study of the history of Spanish- speaking Americans.

Valor & Discord
Mexican Americans and
the Vietnam War

By Eddie Morin

This penetrating new release details the actual accounts of veterans of the controversial Vietnam war. Over 30 photos. Includes commemorative postcard.

Commemorative Poster: U.S.
Mexican-American Medal of Honor Recipients

Look into the eyes of the Mexican-American heroes who earned our nation's most heartfelt gratitude.

Poster of Vietnam Unit Badges

This colorful new poster features nearly all of the unit badges which our forces proudly carried in Vietnam, respectfully reminding us of the high cost of that war.

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Among the Valiant by Raul Morin  |  Valor & Discord by Eddie Morin  |  Poster of Medal of Honor Recipients  |  Poster of Vietnam Unit Badges

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