El Panadero Daniel
By Eddie Morin

"Just wanted to know I  just  finished reading your wonderful story about your grandfather and your extended family. Enjoyed it even more the second time.  Felt even more envious because I never knew my grandfathers and didn’t have much of a relationship with my maternal grandmother.  Armando’s grandmother and  my paternal grandmother were sisters.  Both died young, and we don't really know their stories.  So glad you wrote this book.  In a way it is really all our story, and I appreciate that!"

— Armida Tellez-Bolton / Los Angeles, California
. . . . .

Among the Valiant
By Raul Morin

"I read your father's book as a young man and it changed my own view of myself."

— Carlos Guerra / San Antonio, Texas
. . . . .

"One day I noticed this small book on the lowest shelf of the U.S. history section at the library. It was 'Among the Valiant' by Raul Morin. I almost didn't open it since I had a couple of WWII Time-Life books that had lots of pictures in them. But for some reason I reached down and started to skim through your dad's book.

WOW! Here was the first book I had ever seen that profiled WWII Mexican-American veterans, the bravest of the brave of them, with pictures of men who looked like my father. I couldn't put it down. That was a moment I have never forgotten. This book had an impact on me as few others ever have. Thanks for keeping it in print. Two of the books I ordered will be donated to my son's school and the third is my copy."

— David Rodriguez / Lancaster, California
. . . . .

"A lots of thanks to Raul Morin and all those who served valiantly; they made us proud."

— Edmundo Lopez / Pinole, California
. . . . .

"My Dad, Bennie Arellano, served in WWII within a month of Raul Morin in Europe.  He purchased Among the Valiant many years ago and donated it to the Santa Paula city library.  He’s 81 years old and mentioned he wanted a copy.  I’m glad I found your website."

— Elizabeth Reville / Carson City, Nevada              
. . . . .

"Thank you for putting my Dad’s story in your book. 
My dad never talked much about what he did and I know he would be honored."

— Bobby Medina / Sonora, California
. . . . .

"Whenever I show other veterans your Dad’s book, they want to get a copy too. 
Thank you for a fine book."

Onofre Lugo / Kansa City, Kansas
. . . . .

"Thank you for providing a good book for the pupil to be informed."

Paul Sapien / Culver City, California
. . . . .

"I have been aware of this great book for many years but could never obtain a copy.
I’m pleased that a second printing is now available."

Gary Ballin / San Fernando, California
. . . . .

"We were living in East Los Angeles during the war and a lot of those names and places
are familiar to us. Thank you."

Mrs. Gloria Olivas / Huntington Park, California
. . . . .

"My father served under General George Patton in WWII and passed by Bastogne
the night before the attack."

— David Rodriguez / San Antonio, Texas
. . . . .

Valor & Discord
by Eddie Morin

Being somewhat of a history buff I have read your great book, "Valor & Discord" with much interest. You exceeded my expectations. It is a wonderful narrative of a time in Latino history where so many of our fine young men shined.

Richard Medina/Placerville, California
. . . . .

"Thank you for the book Valor & Discord.  Someone had to tell our story."

— Elias Cuevas / Kingsville, Texas
. . . . .

"Eddie Morin has done a great service with the history of America’s Latino soldiers and Marines and brave aviators and their remarkable record of service in the Vietnam War.  A couple of dozen soldiers with names like Cantu and Pena and Ledesma fought in the Ia Drang Valley battles.  Their stories and the stories of many others come to life in these pages."

Joe Galloway, co-author,
We Were Soldiers Once…and Young, and
Triumph Without Victory: The History of the Persian Gulf War
. . . . .

"I am looking forward to reading your book.  I am sure that it will be as great as “Among the Valiant” by your father which was given to me by Dr. hector P. Garcia, Corpus Christi, Texas.  Every time I go to Austin, Texas I drive through Lockhart and tell my family about your father and his book."

Emilio Vargas / Goliad, Texas
. . . . .

"Author Eddie Morin has written a very thoroughly documented book.
He has interviewed many of the GI’s mentioned in the book.
The book also portrays lives of some of the Mexican/Americans that I knew so little about."

C.P. Pedersen / Alpha Company 1st/18th Vietnam
. . . . .

"I received the book “Valor & Discord”.  The book is fantastic. You did a great job. 
I wish you sell many, many books.

Octavio Rodriguez / Houston, Texas
. . . . .

"Thank you for letting us know about “Valor & Discord”.  I have e-mailed everyone about your book.  I don’t know how you included everyone’s story and kept it in a timeline so it made sense. You did a fine job."

Juan Ledesma / Corpus Christi, Texas
. . . . .

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